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आकाश भाबड , भाबड इंटरनेशनल पब्लिकेशन और एबीसीडी इंटरनेशनल फैमिली द्वारा वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड्स की हैट्रिक

Hattrick of World Records by Akash Bhabad, Bhabad International Publication and ABCD International Family!


75 brand ambassadors of Akash Bhabad’s Bhabad International Publication have created a historic world record together. This world record has been created on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day (Nectar Festival of Independence). All 75 brand ambassadors of Bhabad International Publications from different states recorded in their book the remarkable work done by India in various fields, progress, history, culture and many other subjects during 75 years from 1947 to 2022. The book was unveiled on 6 August 2022 in collaboration with various expert chief guests, highly educated brand ambassadors and Akash Bhabad. In this event Akash Bhabad was honored with world record certificate, trophy and medal. This is the third world record of Bhabad International Publication and ABCD International Family.



As the chief guest in this program, Dr. T. N. Suresh Kumar (Space Research Scientist- ISRO), Dr. Pramod Kumar Rajput (Vice President – Kaidila Pharmaceutical Limited), Mr. Ravi Shankar Kumar (Founder – IDYM Foundation), Dr. Dinesh Gupta (Founder – Anandashree Organization), Smt. Pratibha Mishra (Principal) and Shri. Nishdeep Singh (Delhi) were present. The program started with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and Akash Bhabad’s parents.


The special feature of this book is that this book is written by 75 brand ambassadors of this company. Total 12 books were published in this program. Akash Bhabad, Dr. Pramod Kumar Rajput, Shivraj Singh, Shruti Singh, Neha Sharma, Sunita Singh, Shaurya Asthana, Sonesh Bhardwaj, Ishant Thakkar, Preeti Mehrotra, Sheikh Amanullah Sharif, Dr. Ritu Gupta, Suma Sridhar and other writers from different states published books. All these writers were felicitated by dignitaries. Another activity in the program called ‘Beauty with Brain’ was well liked by all. All the present brand ambassadors were felicitated with certificates and fetas.

Akash Bhabad is the founder and CEO of Bhabad International Publications and ABCD International Family. He himself is an International Author Success Coach and Business Coach.

He guides people from various fields on how to develop their business and brand through his book. Apart from this, they also guide in making world records. In the next few days, he will set world records for dignitaries in various fields.

The core team of Bhabad International Publication plays a very important role in all these activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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